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Andre Gibson is a Human Beatboxer who grew up in the city of Mississauga and Toronto. He has been beatboxing since 2007 after stumbling upon another beatboxer for the first time during his high school years. He has performed on many stages for places such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, The American Beatbox Championships 2018 at the Brooklyn Bazaar in New York, the Adidas Sports Store at Young and Dundas, the Young and Dundas Square stage for Unity’s Youth Festival and was interviewed on TV and Radio on CP24 News TV and CIUT 96.5FM. He has taught and empowered confidence in young adults and children through the art of live beatbox performances in workshops through after school programs around Toronto with VIBE Arts, weekly private lessons and more. Andre has battled in many competitions, ranking top 16 in the 2015 Midwest Beatbox Battle Ohio, Winner of famous Japanese restaurant Kinka Izakaya’s Beatbox Battle 2016, became the Vice Canadian Beatbox Champion in 2017 and is the 2019 Montreal Beatbox Champion. He has made a name for himself within the beatbox community around the world being featured on reaching over 250,00 total youtube video views with the many unique and original sounds he has found and strives to continually find within the beatbox community, pushing the art and the language of human beatboxing. He continues to inspire many young beatboxers locally, through weekly private shows, work with Unity Charity as a guest, VIBE arts and also around the world as far as Indonesia and the Philippines as they personally message him saying thank you for the creative inspiration everyday.

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